Business Insight from other Makers

We love our friends over at Shop Local Canada, and when they reached out and asked us for our advice for new business owners we were so excited to throw our opinion in the ring and see the feedback of our peers!

You can check out the blog post here, but we've included our top 5 tips & advice below!


"Be patient and don’t undersell your skills or product just to make a sale. You have worked hard to get your education or make a product, you are worth your services. It’s a long hard road, but one day you wake up and you realize how much you love that you can do what you do."

"Take the opportunities when they come and if they feel right. Don't feel you need to say yes to everything, it's amazing how when it's supposed to work, it really works!"

"Just do it! Start your journey- you learn the most through experience, you can never plan for everything, so putting yourself out there is the best way to learn. And after that it’s all hard work and determination, being constantly involved and inspired (so you need to be in a business that you love, that fulfills you, and that gives you purpose)"

Setting goals and having expectations are great - but you have to be prepared to roll with the punches and change your game plan on a minutes notice. Things can change so quickly so you have to be ready to adapt. Also, don’t buy Insta followers - 200 organic followers is better than 2000 fake ones 

"Find something you are 100% passionate about and dedicated to because there will be challenges, bad days and obstacles. Doing something you truly believe in will help you through those obstacles - if it’s only about money or sales, then it’s easy to abandon the venture. Learn about yourself first and what motivates you - then go for it!"


Which piece of advice is your favourite on the list?!

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