How we make our totes and why

When you are designing a product, there are SO.MANY.OPTIONS to choose between when it comes to fulfilling your shipments and delivering a quality item to your customers.

All of our totes are made to order out of our home office in Innisfil, Ontario and there are a couple reasons for this

  • By creating our products on demand it ensures the highest quality product, and we can personally sign off on every bag that goes to our customers - if we wouldn't want to carry the bag we wouldn't expect you to either!
  • Printing large volumes of totes prior to purchases can be incredibly wasteful and produce a lot of waste for our landfills - at Locality we care about the environment and are only willing to produce the number of items required to reduce our carbon footprint  

At Locality we do understand that existing in a world with Amazon Prime and 'fast fashion' everyone would like their items as soon as the order is placed. We can appreciate this, but we know to provide our customers with the best quality items with the smallest carbon footprint our totes need to be made to order. 

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