Jillian Harris is making the move to Locality Totes!

Big Locality Tote news coming from Jillian Harris and her '11 Little Day to Day Changes I'm Making' blog post! If you haven't had a chance to read it, you can check it out here. We are SO thrilled to be featured and even more thrilled that people are making the move to reusable bags for their day to day trips and grocery shopping! Canadians take home more than 55 million single use plastic bags every week - and to imagine the amount of those that end up in our landfill hurts my heart and hurts our planet!

If you're looking to make the move to reusable but constantly forget them (doesn't everyone do this?), consider the following tips:

1.Have plenty of bags - having only one is great, but if you're a big grocery shopper like us than having more than is great to hold ALL of your goodies!

2.Leave them everywhere - we all have the right intentions but sometimes we forget the bags at home or in our spouses car (guilty!), its helpful to leave a couple reusable bags in common spots like the trunk of your car, your spouses car, your mudroom or your bicycle basket!

3.Once your groceries are unloaded, put them back! Its easy to toss them in the mudroom and forget to put them in the car later in the day - doing it right away works best!

4. My personal favourite - always start your shopping list with “bags” so you remember to get them out of the car / mudroom / basket before you start shopping!

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