Caring For Your Cotton Canvas

Tote bags that are used regularly for fruits, veggies and the occasional bottle of Pinot Grigio can collect dirt and grime, making them look, well, not as fresh as your produce. And because our totes often end up being perched on dirty tables, floors, shoppings carts or down on the ground, they're also gross from a bacterial perspective, which means that washing them every few weeks to months, depending on how often they're being used — is a very good thing to do.

The good news; if you can wash your favourite white tshirt, you can wash your Locality Market Totes bag, because they're machine washable! There are a few things to note, however: Machine wash using cold water only. Cotton canvas is highly prone to shrinking, so it's really important to avoid the use of warm or hot water. And on the same note, never never never put your Locality Tote in the dryer — even on a low-heat setting. When your tote comes out of the wash it will be damp and will look a bit crumpled. But thats ok, we all look that way after a good wash! The trick is to lay the bag flat and reshape it using your hands, paying particular attention to the straps or handles so that they don't dry all twisted up. If, after drying, the bag is wrinkled or the straps aren't laying flat, you can turn your bag inside out and give it a quick going over with an iron on the low setting will take care of that.

If your tote is well loved and has a stain or two, you can pre-treat the spots using a spray like Shout before you wash the bags, since stains from fresh fruit, veggies and wine can be tough, it may need the extra help to remove them fully.