We understand, there are lots of businesses looking to completely eliminate plastic shopping bags from their stores and we have the resources to make our bags your way to suit your businesses needs!
Most reusable shopping bags that can be purchased at stores are made of nylon or polypropylene, and although not well known to most consumers, these materials are not biodegradable or compostable which leads to slow breakdown in landfills and making them difficult to dispose of when they rip or tear and cause a similarly negative impact on our environment. Our cotton canvas totes are processed chemical free and are eco friendly and should our bags end up in a landfill, canvas products are known to decompose in 1 year, 999 years less than your current shopping bags.

We offer our wholesale totes in both 12oz and 10oz cotton canvas totes and can offer the bags at custom pricing upon request for volume orders exceeding 1000 units or more. Please note all pricing can fluctuate depending on the size of graphic printed on the bags to suit your businesses marketing and design needs. We offer completely customizable graphics and ‘private label’ designs. 


If you have questions or are looking for a quote please submit the form below and we will respond within 72 hours.